Swift Note Counting Machine

Swaggers Note Counting Machine ||Swaggers Note Counting Machine

         Swaggers Note Counting Machine

These machines are designed to efficiently count large quantities of cash while also detecting counterfeit banknotes.

Features of such machines may include:

1. High counting speed: These machines can count notes quickly, helping to save time and increase efficiency in cash management.

2. Large hopper capacity: Some models have a large hopper that can hold a significant number of notes, reducing the need for constant refilling.

3. UV (Ultraviolet) detection: UV detection helps identify security features present on genuine banknotes that can be invisible to the naked eye, such as UV ink markings.

4. MG (Magnetic) detection: MG detection uses magnetic sensors to identify the magnetic properties of the ink used in legitimate banknotes.

5. IR (Infrared) detection: IR sensors can detect infrared ink patterns present on authentic banknotes.

7. Half-note detection: These machines can also detect half or torn notes, alerting the user to potential issues with the currency.

8. Batch counting: Many machines offer batch counting, allowing users to set a specific number of notes to be counted in each batch.

Features of such advanced machines might include:

1. Multi-currency counting: These machines can handle different denominations of Indian Rupee notes, including the newer denominations.

2. High level of accuracy: Advanced sensors and technology ensure accurate counting and detection of counterfeit notes.

3. UV, MG, and IR detection: These machines may incorporate Ultraviolet (UV), Magnetic (MG), and Infrared (IR) sensors to detect various security features present on genuine banknotes.

4. High counting speed: Advanced models often have a high counting speed to handle large volumes of cash quickly.

5. Half-note detection: Machines equipped with half-note detection can identify torn or damaged notes and prevent them from being counted as a whole.

6. Error detection and alert features: If the machine encounters any issues during the counting process, it can display error messages and alerts.

Counting Speed


Counting Capacity

200 Notes

Size Of Countable Notes


Power Supply

AC 220V+_10% 50Hz

Power Consumption


Net Weight

6 Kgs Approx

Display Types



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