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STEADFAST Banko 22 Mix Value Note Counting Machine With Triple Display || Steadfast Latest Note Counting Machine

STEADFAST Banko 22 Triple Display Mix Note Value Counting Machine

Steadfast Banko 22  Note Counting Machine

Banko 22 Mix value counting machines are designed to efficiently count and verify large quantities of banknotes. They are commonly used in businesses, banks, and other cash-intensive environments to streamline cash management processes.

Some common features you can expect to find in a currency value counting machine includ.

1. Triple Display: A triple display setup typically shows the total value of the counted notes, the quantity of notes, and a breakdown of the denominations counted.

2. Mix Note Value Counting: These machines can count and verify mixed denominations of banknotes in a single pass, which saves time and effort.

3. UV (Ultraviolet) Detection: UV detection is used to identify security features like fluorescent markings on legitimate banknotes. It helps detect counterfeit notes that lack these features.

4. MG (Magnetic Ink) Detection: MG detection is used to identify the presence of magnetic ink in banknotes, which is another security feature. Counterfeit notes often lack this ink.

5. IR (Infrared) Detection: IR detection is used to check for infrared features or patterns on banknotes, which are again part of the security measures implemented by central banks.

6. Fake Note Detection: The machine will flag potential counterfeit banknotes based on the UV, MG, and IR detections.

7. Larger LCD Display: A larger and clearer LCD display makes it easier to read the results and perform necessary actions.

8. Automatic Operation: The machine should be fully automatic, capable of feeding and counting notes without manual intervention.

9. Batch Function: Many machines have a batch function that allows you to preset a specific number of notes to be counted in each stack.

10. Value Calculation: The machine should be able to calculate the total value of the counted notes based on their denominations.

STEADFAST Banko 22  Mix Note Value Counting Machine.” The use of an advanced 3D sensor is a notable feature that enhances the accuracy of counting mixed denominations of banknotes.

With the 3D sensor, the currency counting machine can efficiently recognize and differentiate between various denominations of Indian Rupees (INR), including ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹200, ₹500, and ₹2000. This capability allows the machine to count a stack of mixed denominations in a single pass, streamlining the process and saving time during cash handling operations.

The 3D sensor technology enables the machine to detect the unique features and dimensions of each denomination, reducing the risk of errors and miscounts. As a result, businesses, banks, and cash-intensive establishments can rely on this machine to ensure accurate and efficient counting of their cash holdings.

 LCD DISPLAY: Here’s how the color-changing LCD display typically works:

1. Legitimate Notes: When the machine detects genuine banknotes during the counting process, the LCD display will likely remain in its default color, such as green or blue, indicating that the notes are authentic.

2. Non-Genuine Notes: If the machine identifies a suspicious or counterfeit banknote during the counting process, the LCD display will change its color to red or another distinct color, alerting the user that a non-genuine note has been detected.

The advanced counterfeit detection system, incorporating UV (Ultraviolet), MG (Magnetic Ink), and IR (Infrared) technologies, further strengthens the machine’s ability to identify fake banknotes. These detection methods allow the machine to scrutinize various security features present in legitimate currency notes, ensuring that counterfeit notes without those features are promptly flagged and brought to the user’s attention.

By combining a large, color-changing LCD display with advanced counterfeit detection capabilities, the currency counting machine helps users quickly and accurately identify counterfeit notes, minimizing the risk of accepting fake currency and promoting secure financial transactions. This feature is especially crucial in environments where handling large volumes of cash is common, such as banks, retail stores, and businesses.

 Here are some common multi-operational modes you might find in such a machine:

1. Counting Mode: This is the standard mode where the machine counts the total number of banknotes, regardless of their denominations, and displays the result on the LCD screen. This mode is useful for quickly determining the quantity of cash in a stack or batch of mixed denominations.

2. Value Counting Mode: In this mode, the machine not only counts the number of banknotes but also calculates the total value of the counted notes based on their denominations. It can display both the quantity and the total value on the LCD screen.

3. Batch Mode: Batch mode allows users to set a specific number of banknotes they want the machine to count before pausing. For example, if you set the batch value to 100, the machine will stop counting after reaching 100 notes, making it easier to bundle cash in specific quantities.

4. Add Mode: Add mode enables users to add additional stacks of banknotes to the previously counted total without resetting the machine. This is helpful when counting money in multiple batches or when new notes are added to an existing stack.

5. Check Mode: Some machines offer a check mode where the counting process is paused at specific intervals, allowing users to verify the count accuracy before continuing. This can be especially useful when dealing with large amounts of cash.

6. Mixed Denomination Mode: This mode is designed to count and verify mixed denominations of banknotes in a single pass, as mentioned earlier. It is a valuable feature for cash management tasks where sorting notes by denomination manually would be time-consuming.

Counting Speed


Counting Capacity

200 Notes

Size Of Countable Notes


Power Supply

AC 220V+_10% 50Hz

Power Consumption


Net Weight

6 Kgs Approx

Display Types


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