Swift Note Counting Machine

Mix Note Value Counting Business-Grade Machine Fully Automatic with Fake Note Detection

 Mix Note Value Counting Business-Grade Machine Fully Automatic with Fake Note Detection


1. **Accurate Counting:** The machine uses an advanced Japanese sensor to ensure accurate counting of mixed INR notes of different denominations, including ₹10, ₹20, ₹50, ₹100, ₹200, ₹500, and ₹2000.

2. **Colour Changing LCD Display:** The LCD display on the machine has a feature where it changes color, turning red, every time it detects a non-genuine or counterfeit note. This visual alert helps the user quickly identify suspicious currency.

3. **Counterfeit Detection:** The machine employs multiple advanced counterfeit detection methods to minimize the chances of accepting fake notes:

   4. **UV (Ultraviolet) Detection:** UV detection is used to identify security features present on genuine notes that are invisible to the naked eye. Counterfeit notes often lack these UV features.

 5.  – **MG (Magnetic Ink) Detection:** MG detection helps identify the magnetic properties of the ink used on genuine notes, which counterfeit notes may not replicate accurately.

   6. **IR (Infrared) Detection:** IR detection is another layer of security that checks for specific infrared patterns present on legitimate currency notes.

   7. **MT (Magnetic Thread) Detection:** MT detection is used to verify the presence of a magnetic thread, a security feature embedded in some currency notes to deter counterfeiting.

By combining these counterfeit detection methods, the machine aims to make it virtually impossible to miss counterfeit notes during the counting process.

 This currency note counting machine provides a high level of accuracy and security, making it a valuable tool for businesses, banks, and organizations that handle cash transactions and want to ensure the authenticity of the currency they are dealing with. It can help protect against losses due to counterfeit currency and streamline the process of counting and verifying large amounts of cash.

This note counting machine advanced features beyond just counting notes. Here’s how it accomplishes the tasks you mentioned:

1. **Calculating Total Value:** The machine is equipped with sensors that can accurately determine the denomination of each note as it’s counted. By doing so, it calculates the total value of all the mixed notes together. For example, if you feed it a stack of mixed INR notes, it will add up the values of all the notes and display the total amount on its screen.

2. **Displaying the Number of Notes for Each Denomination:** In addition to calculating the total value, the machine can also track the number of notes for each denomination. It counts and separates the notes based on their denominations during the counting process. The LCD display typically provides a breakdown showing the number of notes for each denomination, such as the number of ₹10 notes, ₹20 notes, ₹50 notes, etc. This feature helps users quickly understand the composition of the cash being counted.

These capabilities make the machine highly efficient for businesses, banks, and organizations that need to handle and account for large quantities of mixed currency notes. It not only simplifies the process of counting cash but also provides valuable information about the denominational composition of the cash, making it easier to manage financial transactions and reporting.

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