Swift Note Counting Machine

Matrix 8128-SF – Fitness Note Sorting Machine

 Matrix 8128 SF Fitness Note Sorting Machine 

1+1 Pocket  Semi Fitness Sorter 

Fast & Accurate 

The Matrix 8128-SF counting machine offers speed options of 800, 1000, and 1200 banknotes per minute. Choosing the appropriate speed can help simplify cash handling, prevent errors, and reduce the risk of ripping old notes.

Intelligent Value Batch Function

The Matrix 8128-SF is specifically designed for Indian banknotes and can accurately count unsorted (Mixed Denomination) banknotes in batches. By selecting the “Preset Batch Value,” the machine will automatically pause counting when the batch value is reached, streamlining the process.t pocket stacker that automatically collects unrecognized or suspicious banknotes. The detailed report after counting provides reasons for rejected notes. Additionally, the reject pocket assists in aligning banknotes in the FACE and ORIENT modes for efficient processis to the entire note transport path, facilitating quick and simple maintenance. This feature ensures swift recovery of compressed banknowith minimal downtime for efficient operation.

Advanced Counterfeit Detection

The Matrix 8128-SF uses the latest counterfeit detection technology to scrutinize seven features of the currencies: ultraviolet, magnetic ink, metallic thread, infrared, image, size, and thickness. It can accurately detect double banknotes and half notes. If a counterfeit is detected the machine automatically rejects the banknote without a pause. After the completion of counting the machine will report the reason for the rejected banknotes.

Fitness Sorting & Authenticity Detection

The fit and unfit notes go to corresponding pockets from the rejection pocket, using a military-grade sensor that detects mutilated notes, cut notes, taped notes, soiled notes, and other kinds of defective banknotes.

Dual CIS Sensor 

The Contact Image Sensor, developed and engineered in Germany exclusively for the banknote processing industry, boasts unique features. Its specialized design includes full sealing to prevent dust intrusion and inherent resistance to temperature fluctuations, addressing common challenges encountered in the cash handling industry

 Serial number Capture

The Matrix 8128-SF used two advanced  Contact Image Sensor (CIS) to Scan and record the serial number of each banknotes. complete detailed information of  all the scanned serial numbers can be viewed ,saved, and printed on a PC. Serial number recording comes in handy during audit trials and is useful for tracking.

Banknote Face & Sorting

FACE Mode: This mode likely ensures that all banknotes are facing the same direction when scanned and recorded. This is particularly useful for creating organized and consistent records, making it easier to review and manage the scanned data.

ORIENT Mode: This mode probably helps ensure that all banknotes are oriented in the same way. For instance, it might align all notes in the same direction, ensuring uniformity and ease of handling.

Double CIS Technology

the inclusion of double Contact Image Sensor Technology provides valuable information about each banknotes direction and the side facing upwards. the information is crucial for maintaining accuracy during scanning and recording.

Denomination Sorting

Matrix–8128-SF has a stacker commonly known as the reject pocket. This stacker automatically stacks all unrecognized or suspicious banknotes. After the counting process is done, you can view a detailed report that lists the reason for the rejected banknotes.

Print or Export your count result

In order to make your administrative task even easier, the Matrix-8128-SF can automatically print the serial numbers of the notes and other complete results using the optional Maxsell TP-230 thermal printer (Optional), or export them to the Maxsell CMTS software.

Working behind counters

an Auxiliary display (optional) to view counting results while they are still being processed. After placing this LCD display on your counter, you and your customers will be able to see the results simultaneously.

Other features:
Touch Screen TFT Colour Display 
Detects Multilation : dog ears, hole, cut, torned, soiled, and, taped notes 
Software upgrade via USB, SD Card or LAN 

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