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Steadfast Libor 70 Note Counting Machine || Currency Counting Machine


 STEADFAST LIBOR-70 Triple-Display Banking Grade Note Counting Machine is a fully automatic currency counting machine designed for businesses and banks to efficiently count and verify large volumes of banknotes. Here are some of its key features:


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1. Fully Automatic: 

The machine automatically counts the number of banknotes inserted, eliminating the need for manual counting and reducing the chances of human error.



2. Add Function: 

This feature allows you to add together the total count of multiple batches of banknotes, helping you keep track of the overall count.



3. Batch Function: 

With the batch function, you can set a specific number of banknotes that you want the machine to count in each batch. This is useful for bundling banknotes in predefined quantities.


4. UV/MG Fake Note Detection:

 The machine is equipped with Ultraviolet (UV) and Magnetic Ink (MG) counterfeit detection technology. It can detect fake or counterfeit banknotes based on the presence of UV-sensitive elements and magnetic properties found in legitimate currency.


5. Manual Value Counter: 

The machine has a manual value counting feature, which means it can display the total value of the counted banknotes based on their denominations.


6. Large LED Display:

 The currency counting machine is equipped with a large LED display, making it easy to read and interpret the count and other relevant information.


7. Color:

 The machine is available in a White color variant.







This type of currency counting machine is commonly used in banks, financial institutions, retail stores, and businesses that handle large amounts of cash regularly. Its automatic counting, fake note detection, and other features make it a valuable tool for ensuring accuracy and efficiency in cash handling processes.


It’s important to note that product specifications and features may change over time, so it’s best to refer to the latest product information or the manufacturer’s website for the most up-to-date details.



STEADFAST LIBOR-70 bill counter machine is designed to count money from different countries. It can handle many types of currencies, making it useful for businesses dealing with international money. The machine can detect fake notes, which helps maintain accuracy. It is easy to use and helps increase productivity by quickly counting money from different countries.
This  bill counter machine is smart and can handle both old and new banknote denominations. It comes with advanced counterfeit detection features like UV (Ultraviolet) and MG (Magnetic) functions. These functions help ensure that no fake notes go unnoticed during the counting process. However, if the banknotes are significantly damaged or very old, the machine might mistakenly flag them as counterfeit. So, it’s essential to ensure that the banknotes being counted are in reasonably good condition to get accurate results.
STEADFAST LIBOR-70 bill counter machine offers multiple modes for easier money counting:

1. Count Mode:

 In this mode, the machine simply counts the number of bills you insert. It provides you with an accurate count of the total number of banknotes.

2. Add Mode:

 With the add mode, you can count multiple batches of bills separately and then combine the results to get the total count. This is helpful when you want to keep track of the overall number of bills from different groups.

3. Batch Mode: 

In batch mode, you can set a specific number of bills you want the machine to count in each batch. The machine will stop automatically once it reaches the pre-defined batch count. This feature is useful for bundling bills into fixed quantities.
By offering these different modes, the bill counter machine helps simplify the money counting process and enhances efficiency in handling various cash-related tasks.
STEADFAST LIBOR-70 note counting machine comes equipped with a large LED display, making it easy to read and track the number of notes that have been counted. The display provides a clear visual representation of the count and allows users to switch between different counting modes easily.
Additionally, the machine features a second external display, specifically designed for customer viewing. This external display lets customers or clients observe the counting process, providing transparency and reassurance during cash transactions. The dual-display setup ensures both the operator and the customer can see the counting results simultaneously, promoting accuracy and trust in the counting process.
STEADFAST LIBOR-70 money counter is highly efficient and has a high capacity for counting banknotes. With its high-speed counting capabilities, it can count up to 1000 notes per minute. This impressive counting speed allows businesses and banks to process large volumes of cash quickly and efficiently, saving valuable time and improving overall productivity. The machine’s ability to handle a substantial number of banknotes per minute makes it a reliable tool for businesses that deal with significant cash flows on a regular basis.

Technical Specifications


Counterfeit Detection TechnologyUV,MG,IR
Counting Speed1000/Min
Hopper Capacity300 Notes
Stacker Capacity200 Notes
Power Supply90~240V 50/60Hz




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