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Screen Touch Mix Value Note Counting Machine For New Indian Currency with Fake Note Detection.

Screen Touch Mix Value Note Counting Machine For New Indian Currency with Fake Note Detection.
Mix Denomination: Mix Denomination Refers to a mixed Variety of different denominations of currency.it is often used in the context of cash
Counting machines,which can count of bills.Mix denomination cash Counting machines are commonly used in Banks, Retail store, and other
Businesses that handle large amounts of Cash.




Here are some examples of mix Denomination.
A cash Counting machine Counting a mix of INR Currency of different denominations,Such as ₹10,₹20,50,₹100,₹200,₹500,2000 Currencies.
Mix Denomination can be useful for a veriety of reasons.For example,it can help businesses to save time and money by making it easier to
count and sort their cash.it can also make it more convenient for individuals to carry money, especially when traveling to defferent countries.
Here are some of the benefits of using mix Denomination.
Convenience : mix Denomination cash Counting machines can save businesses a lot of time and effort by automatically Counting and
sorting mixed denominations of bills. This can free up employees to focus on their tasks.
Accuracy : mix Denomination cash Counting machines are very accurate, which can help to reduce the risk of errors in cash handling.
Security : mix Denomination cash Counting machines often have security features that can help to prevent fraud and theft.
Detect Counterfeit Notes : 
Detecting counterfeit notes in a note Counting machine typically involves using various security features and technology.
UV(Ultraviolet) Detection: UV light can reveal flourescent markings and patterns on genuine currency that are not present on counterfeit
MG(Megnetic) Detection : This method detects the magnetic properties of the ink used on genuine currency, which counterfeit notes often
IR(Infrared) Detection: infrared sensor can identify certain features on authentic notes that counterfeit notes may not replicate accurately.
Size and Thickness Detection: Counterfeit note may differ slightly in size or thickness from genuine ones and Counting machine can be
programmed to detect such variations.
Magnetic Thread Detection : Magnetic Thread embedded within the paper,which can be detected by specialized sensors.
Sort Functions: in Sort Mode the first counted banknote will be memorized,once different Denomination note is detected the machine will
stop Counting and emit beeping sound.it will continue to work when the banknote is removed from the stacker.
ADD Mode : in the “ADD”mode when you place a stack of notes into the machine for Counting,it doesn’t reset the count to zero after each
stack.instead, it adds the count to the previous total.this is useful when you have multiple bundles of notes to count, and you want to keep a
running total without manual calculations. You can turn off the “ADD” mode py pressing the “ADD”Button again.
BATCH Mode : The “BATCH” Mode allows you to specify a preset quantity for bundling notes.By default, this quantity is often set to 100 notes.
However,you can adjust the batch quantity by pressing the” +” or “-” buttons to reach your desired number. When you press the BATCH Button,
the machine will count the notes and automatically create bundles of the specified quantity.
AUTO/MANUAL Mode : The Auto/Manual Mode on a note Counting machine provides users with the flexibility to choose how the machine
operates. Here’s how these modes typically work :
Automatic Mode (Auto) : In the automatic Mode,the machine starts Counting notes as soon as you place them in the hopper or feed them
into the machine. There’s no need to press a START Button.This mode is convenient when you want the machine to count notes continuously
without manual intervention.it’s suitable for quick and efficient counting of a stack of notes 
Manual mode (MANUAL) : in the manual mode, the machine does not start counting otes automatically when you place them in the machine
instead,it waits for you to press START Button to initiate the Counting process. This mode is useful when poy prefer to have more control over
the Counting process, perhaps to verify each note individually or to double check the count for accuracy.










AC 220-230V




6.2 KG


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